Specialty Blog #2: WordPress

WordPress is a free source software used to make blogs and websites.  Most than 25 percent of websites in the world use WordPress. WordPress is important because not only can it be used for personal expression, it is a smart business move.  It is ideal for budget focused businesses because it is a free marketing tool and allows the company to reach a wide range of customers. This software is a Content Management System, or CMS.  With WordPress being CMS, users are able to use their web browser to manage their site.

There is a large difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is fully hosted with personal support, and overall more user friendly in comparison to WordPress.org which is when the user hosts the website, building their own CSS, etc.

Since WordPress.com is a user-friendly site, creating your own can be done in a few simple steps. To create a WordPress website, first the user must register at WordPress.com. Then a topic needs to be selected for the blog or website.  Then the user must choose a username, site address, theme, and then begin posting. WordPress offers many tips and tutorials on their website for additional help in creating your site!


This photo is from flickr.com, licensed under Creative Commons.


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