Specialty Blog # 4: Adobe Dreamweaver

According to PCmag.com, Dreamweaver is a comprehensive website developmental tool for Windows and Mac from Adobe.  Dreamweaver allows a programmer for build websites using JavaScript, HTML and other programming languages. Adobe Dreamweaver combines a visual design on one portion of the screen, also known as Live View, with the code editor on the other side.  This allows the website programmer to to view the appearance of the website while editing HTML code.

Dreamweaver is important because it allows users to design, code and manage websites. The program helps users with features such as code validation, accessibility checks, code suggestion and file management just to name a few.

Content Management System, or CMS, is a computer application that enables editing, publishing, organizing, deleting and other useful features from a central interface. It allows the author, who may not know HTML, to create, modify or remove content of a website without being a web codingr. WordPress is a CMS that allows the user to use their web browser to manage their site.

Approximately 25% of the websites in the world use WordPress. WordPress.com is fully hosted with personal support, more user friendly in comparison to WordPress.org which is when the user hosts the website, building their own CSS, etc.

To create a WordPress website, first the user must register at WordPress.com. Then a topic needs to be selected for the blog or website.  Then the user must choose a username, site address, theme, and then begin posting.



This photo is on wikimedia.org, licensed under Creative Commons



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