Final Video


I chose to do my final video project on an introduction video.  I filmed the video with a Panasonic AC 90 camera, tripod and external microphones.  I edited my video using Adobe Creative Cloud on an iMac computer.  I chose to include information about my involvement with PRSSA, my internship with Sue McLean and Associates and my plans after graduation.



The music used in this video is entitled “Promo Music”                                                              By: Marcus Neely from, licensed under Creative Commons



Shot List:

0:00 Shot 1- Main title slide introduction talking clip, close up

0:14 Shot 2 – Zooming motion image of PRSSA group

0:17  Shot 3 – Shifting right image of PRSSA group

0:22 Shot 4: Image of Chicago Bean, shifting down

0:31: Shot 5: Panning images of KVSC Public Relations Campaign

0:40 Shot 6: Talking clip, close up

0:44 Shot 7: zooming b-roll of guitar, low angle, close up

0:53 Shot 8: Panning footage of Washington Avenue in Minneapolis, wide shot

1:01 Shot 9: Fade into final credits


Required Applications and Gear:

Using Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud Panasonic AC 90 camera, tripod and external microphones, and iMac computer for editing video.Continue until the end of video for all 9 or more shots and titles.

Creative Commons Licensure



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