COMM 404: Blog Post #1

To create and design a website, usability, accessibility, search engine optimization and responsive design are all very important elements to consider for an effective website. Although they are all important, I feel that usability is the most crucial. Usability can be defined simply as “the science of making technology work for people.” A user-friendly website should enable visitors to easily and quickly access the information, service or product that they are searching for. According to the Online Marketing Institute there are many statistics to back up the importance of usability.

  • 85% of people leave a site due to poor design
  • 83% leave because it takes too many clicks to access the information they want
  • 40% never return to a site because the content was confusing and hard to use
  • Over 50% of sales are lost because visitors can’t find the content

This information is very important because if it is initially not easy to use, you have already lost followers and potential business by the time you get around to correcting the mistakes. I also find the element of usability interesting because it is not a one-dimensional property, but a combination of factors. These factors are intuitive design, efficiency of use, memorability, ease of learning, error frequency, and overall subjective satisfaction of the user.


I think this concept is very important for school projects, but I also personally include the link to my website on my resume. I am using my website as an online portfolio as I begin to apply for jobs. Usability will be especially important for the job application process because if a potential employer takes the time to actually look at my website, I want them to quickly and easily be able to find the information they are looking for.




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