COMM 404: Blog Post #2

Arashi Taiko Dan is a traditional Japanese drumming group at St. Cloud State University. The purpose of the group is to spread Japanese culture to students, faculty and others in the St. Cloud community. Arashi Taiko Dan provides a place for people to enjoy music and express their abilities through drumming. Being that the student organization we are working with this semester is a traditional diversity group, I feel that it would fit best to stick with classic Japanese colors that represent the group.

The national flag of Japan is white with a large red disc, which represents the sun in the center. It is commonly known as Hinomaru in Japanese. With this in mind, I chose the color palette of:

  • Black (0A0807)
  • Light Gray (C0C0C0)
  • Dark Maroon (2E0200)
  • Dark Red (8600700)
  • Red (Ba140C)


There is a huge importance in the colors chosen to brand Arashi Taiko Dan as a professional and cultural group at SCSU. When designing the website, I want to keep in mind the initial reaction that a viewer will have when they open the website.   Although it is important to be creative and set the group apart from the traditional colors St. Cloud State, I still feel that the most effective colors would be the ones listed about because they are the traditional colors of Japanese culture. To slightly set the group apart from SCSU, I have added light gray, dark maroon and a deeper shade of red to the typical red and black.

According to, the psychological principle of the isolation effect, something that “stands out like a sore thumb” will likely be remembered. With a bold color like red, I thought that this would be a fitting for a group as powerful as Arashi Taiko Dan. Red also stands for excitement, youth and boldness in branding and these words effectively fit with what Arashi Taiko is about, bringing new life to an exciting Japanese traditional art. To coincide with the bold color of red, the gray offers a sense of balance, neutrality and overall calmness. Although Arashi Taiko Dan is intense, it is an art that also requires a lot of grace.

For the particular context of this website, I feel that these colors offer a good balance with one another. It is important to continue establishing a brand for Arashi Taiko Dan, and building on their current theme will help to continue on with the color scheme already in place for the group.






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